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Disputes over family issues are a winding road, but it does not have to be an unpleasant trip.  You and your family are in safe hands.  Leave the driving to me.

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My Services

No matter what your family law matter involves, I can handle it.


No matter if: You and your spouse or domestic partner are in agreement about getting a divorce, and there are no children or assets.  There are no assets, but you and your spouse have 16 children, and child custody is hotly disputed.  There are $33 million in bitterly disputed assets, but no children.  You have served your spouse with dissolution paperwork, but your spouse refuses to respond.  There is now or has been domestic violence in your marriage.  You do not know where your spouse is or how to locate him or her.  I can handle any of these scenarios, and everything in between.

Domestic Violence

If you need a restraining order, I will file for one immediately and stay beside you throughout the process of getting a permanent restraining order.  I give my cell phone number to people in high-risk situations, and you are free to phone me any time of the day or night if a crisis erupts.  The safety of you and your children is top priority.

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Child Custody and Visitation

The two of you cannot agree on child custody or visitation, and you both feel very strongly about it.  We can get fair child custody and visitation orders.  If you want to move away with the children but your ex-spouse does not agree, or your ex-spouse wants to move away with the children but you don't agree, we can do something about that.

Asset Protection

You have filed for dissolution, and now your spouse has emptied all of his or her retirement accounts.  Can something be done about it?  You betcha.

Child Support and Spousal Support

I can advise you as to how to work effectively with your local child support services agency to get your ex-spouse to make child support payments.  If the time you have the children in your care changes, but there is no change in the court order, I can file a request for child custody modification with the court, and once you have gotten a change in the court order, the court will automatically calculate and issue a new child support order.  I will help you get temporary spousal support while the dissolution is pending.  Under the Family Code, there are fourteen different criteria to be considered when the court orders permanent spousal support, and I will ensure that the court gets all the information it needs to properly determine permanent spousal support.


If you and your spouse/child's parent/your partner want to try to resolve all issues without going to court, I can provide mediation services to both of you.  We will sit down separately and then together to try to reach an agreement.  I can handle negotiating agreements between highly acrimonious parties, to the satisfaction of both parties.

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